ECM Workflow Management .

Compu Serve has been specialized in the field of ECM and EDMS by building its own solution department with a team of professionals in this field and as a result and with the continuous of its vision. CompuServe has partnered with ELO Digital Office company.


ELO Digital Office

(ECM, document management system, and work-flow)

ELO Digital Office GmbH (or ELO for short) develops and markets high performance products and solutions for electronic documentation management, digital archiving, and workflow and Web content management.

The ELO product portfolio services have three entire market segments: small businesses (ELO office), medium sized businesses (ELO professional) and large entities (ELO enterprise).


Small Offices

& Freelancer

Small &medium

sized business

Large scale


ELO-office ELO-professional ELO-enterprise

ELO Office

ELO Professional

ELO Enterprise

  • Document Management
  • Archiving
  • Client architecture
  • Database access
  • 4 archives
  • 200.000 documents
  • up to 10 Users
  • Network capable
  • Workflow
  • Client-server architecture
  • windows based
  • SQL-based database
  • up to 2 billion documents
  • up to 10.000 Users
  • platform independent
  • Highly scalable
  • Client independent
  • Unlimited documents
  • unlimited Users
  • Portal integration
Comparison of the ELO product range


Full integration into Microsoft Office

ELO DMS Desktop is available for the integration of the ELO repository into the Microsoft Office world – Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel – as well as Lotus Notes. It is available as a free extension of ELOenterprise. The program offers users direct access to their ELO repository in the most popular Office programs. Users can continue working in their familiar environment.


ELO Client for Microsoft Office

Users can open and save their documents as they are used to in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint. The difference is that, instead of being located on your local hard drive or on the company file server, your documents are now stored safely and securely in the central repository. In addition, DMS functions such as checking documents in and out as well as a version history are available. The user can simply navigate through the repository structure and call up relevant documents.


ELO iSearch: Find what you want

The full text search of the DMS Desktop is based on the ELO iSearch technology. What advantages does this have for you? Simply put, the iSearch gives you quick and reliable results. The search will allow you to even find a needle in the haystack. Try it for yourself!


Microsoft Office integration in ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise

When purchasing a standard ELOprofessional or ELOenterprise license, the ELO clients for Microsoft Office are also included, of course.