WatchNET is a leading manufacturer/supplier of quality video and surveillance eqlogouipment. Since our founding in 2000, we have been providing highly developed, competitively priced digital video solutions. With our dedication to quality and attentive customer service, WatchNET has excelled in developing cutting-edge products that take conventional security to a new level. WatchNET is a global company with locations in Canada, the US, India and UAE. With ongoing expansion in the US and UAE, WatchNET now has more than 30,000 square feet of stocked and functional office facilities. Coupled with numerous partnerships across the globe, WatchNET has become a truly international solution provider. some of our products in
1.3/2.1 Megapixel Compact Cameras
1.3/2.1 Megapixel Special Cameras
Megapixel PTZ
DVR / NVR System
Embedded NVR / DVR
enx12hd-2t  ENX-256HD-2T / ENX-256HD-4T ENX-128HD-2T / ENX-128HD-4T
 Tri-Brid Recorders
 trb8e-trb16e  TRB-08E-2T/TRB-08E-4T TRB-16E-2T/TRB-16E-4T
 Analog Dvrs


NVR / DVR Servers
Extreme Servers
 esr_x_20r_s  ESR-X24R ESR-X24S
Industral Servers
 esr_x_20r_s  ESR-I24R ESR-I24S NDVR-IS-558 NDVR-IS-578 NDVR-IS-1078
 Supports up to 64 channels Supports H.264 compression format Dual Monitor Display Auto/Manual backup Record CIF, D1, 720p, 1080p, up to 5 MegaPixel cameras Alarm & E-map On the edge motion integration
NetFLOW IP  Supports up to 64* channels Supports H.264 compression format Triple Monitor Display Automatic Camera Model Detection Instant Playback & E-map On the edge motion integration POS, I/O, LPR & Access Control Integration