There’s more to be seen with OpenEye download Thousands of businesses worldwide trust their security to OpenEye. We improve profitability for companies of all sizes with intelligent software and hardware systems. Backed by business intelligence, our products simplify the management of video security and loss prevention. OpenEye Heritage Since 1999, we’ve simplified video security management with easy-to-use products, backed by Heroic Customer Service℠. Inc Magazine even recognized OpenEye as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America. Constantly looking to the future, we believe Web connectivity provides unparalleled ways to customize and create the best video security platform for your business. We believe your recorder can do more than simply capture video; it’s a tool that benefits areas across your organization. OpenEye is a privately-owned company, without any venture capital or private equity investors. This allows us to develop software, services, and other applications to fit your needs. Ultimately, we’re able to make long-term investments in technology, products, and our employees  

OpenEye Products


 IP cameras indoor/ outdoor


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 Analog cameras indoor/ outdoor



 heated cameras



vandal proof vandal









 Web-Enabled Video Management Software

OpenEye Web Services merges all of your video surveillance needs into a single integrated platform. OWS saves you time and money by streamlining the process of accessing recorders and settings, centralizing user management, making switching users and devices pain free, and giving you the tools needed to reduce the overhead of managing your distributed video system.ows_cloud-01

 OpenEye Mobile

OpenEye makes camera installation and configuration simpler with the Mobile Camera Manager. This app allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as a service monitor to test, aim, adjust, and set PTZ configurations on OpenEye IP cameras.phones

OpenEye Remote Software

OpenEye remote software allows you to connect to and control your recorder from your office, your mobile device or home. From simple live viewing to complete multi-site remote administration, OpenEye has the right remote software for the job.Remote-Header