About Compu Serve

In 1992, found of Compu serve had a strategic vision of creating a company that is capable of defining, deploying, integrating, & servicing information technology solutions with an improved understanding of a rapidly changing environment to help organizations operate successfully in a dynamic, complex environment; Compu serve witnessed steady growth, reinvested in training and expanding its span of business operations ...more

Hardware & Maintenance


According to its policy and mission CompuServe has its separate Authorized Service Center at down town Cairo; this service center is fully equipped with high tech equipment and manpower to deliver an outstanding service and maintenance to our customers. …. more

Advanced Solutions


Compu Serve partnered with industry leading companies to provide our clients with most advanced solutions to meet their needs and maximize their benefits from using technology; we have the honor to following list our business partners …. more

ECM & EDM Solutions


Many of the most important documents within companies are NOT already digital files. These documents are assets of the company representing final packaged results of countless man-hours of labor, Compu Serve has been specialized in the field of ECM and EDMS …. more

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Compu Serve had a strategic vision of creating a company that is capadle of defining



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